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Our background comes from a multitude of experts who gathered together in order to stop all of the confusion around solar. We saw that due to this being a lucrative industry, untrustworthy salespeople began taking advantage of anyone they could get a hold of.

Although there was also a lot of trial & error involved in the beginning stages of these cases, The majority of people were screwed due to unethical practices. Homeowners & Alternate Energy Seekers began to distrust anyone associated with the words “solar” “expert” or “renewable.” We want to break the cycle.

Having a collective of resources, & over the experience of 18 years, we can proudly say- we can help you without the bs. We are very prominent about Honesty is the Best Policy. And we have Zero Tolerance for anyone within our group doing any sort of malpractice.

all over the United States to avoid selling across the map like some of the Utah or California companies. We don’t want to stretch ourselves thin & smear our reputable name. We just want to give you the real data, the information you need to work with the trusted installers in your local area.

There is a common misconception about solar panels. Most believe that either “solar panels don’t work” “solar panels are expensive” “solar panels are ugly” “solar panels are toxic” “solar panels are a waste of money” or in simple terms, “it’s too good to be true.”

This misrepresentation of solar came about through telephone-style word-of-mouth marketing about how revolutionary & world-changing it was when realistically it wasn’t– at least not yet. We need people to realize solar today is finally worth it, but it’s more valuable for some than others.

Our Mission

“We are responsible for educating those who need a clear, easy, & simple answer to complex subjects. We seek to assist homeowners, businesses, investors, & solar seekers alike in breaking the chain against these electric companies’ monopolistic business models. We will teach the masses about renewable energy & connect them to our trusted network whether they wish to take matters into their own hands or they wish to mitigate the work. Our goal will only be met once our company has had such a massive impact on the world that we are no longer needed in any developing country for any type of energy needs. We want a world full of Clean, Safe, Renewable, Self-Sustainable Energy.

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