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Our website has an ever-growing list of articles & blogs you can take advantage of in order to succeed in joining this lucrative program. We’ve created a plan we call EZ Solar Simplicity– it’s as simple as 7-steps from start to finish. Although this is the general rule, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to solar services. Every home & lifestyle is different, which means the usage (actual savings) will differ. Most have opt-in for Expert help after viewing our speedy software analysis.


1-on-1 Education with an Efficiency Expert is necessary to best analyze your savings opportunities. We’ll check your electric service, explain the technical requirements of connecting to the electric grid, & help you determine if a solar panel system would be a good investment in your situation. This will tell you how your future bill will differ, how the system will look, & answer any questions or concerns you may have prepared.

The Solutions Specialist will visit your home/business to do a site audit& inspect the service panel to gather technical input in order to build the design properly, free of charge. This is to customize a system that will receive maximum sunshine for maximum electricity production. If your roof doesn’t offer the ideal situation, we can ground-mount or pole-mount the solar panels, or even put them on the roof of another structure such as a pool house.

If for any reason you’re not eligible or you don’t qualify, they will assist you through our network on the next steps you may take to get you up to date. Cases range from bankruptcy to bad credit. It all depends on a case-to-case basis.

It’s very important to answer the last question of tailored results of the qualifying survey correctly, so they can answer the way you understand & get straight to the point. This brief educational meeting can range between 10 to 30 minutes depending on your depth of questions.


Partners take care of everything: permits, homeowner association approvals, & installation. Installation typically takes 1-2 days.

Our partners come from an industrial or commercial background, so residential is a breeze. Installation practices vary & can affect the durability or longevity of your system. What makes us stand out from the rest is our signature: We take the qualitative process by running all wires in the conduits to protect them from the elements or critters. We mount our solar panels on a rack system rather than nail them directly into the roof to avoid rattling. Say goodbye to ugly-looking installations & hello to a very modern, sleek design.

When the installation is finished, we will arrange for the necessary inspections from your local jurisdiction &/or your utility provider. Once inspections are complete, your utility will grant Permission to Operate (PTO) within a few weeks.

2 Man Job Ground Mounts

Active Panels

If we could do it in a matter of days we would. As the matter of fact, we have the network, manpower, & supplies to actually do the job immediately, but we have to wait for city approval & permits. That means there’s a small waiting window where you won’t be paying for electricity, but still reap benefits.

Once your utility gives the OK to operate, your system is ready to be turned on. To make sure you have everything you need & are familiar with how your new solar system operates, an in-person system walk-through. We’ll give you the tools you need to monitor, so you can track the energy your solar system is making. The total average time from signing your contract to generating power for your home is 2-4 months.

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Once your solar panels are up & running there is very little maintenance needed if any to the panels. Cleaning is likely not necessary as rain will suffice, however, we recommend hosing them down once a year when pollen is heavy. Now, if you live in a place with heavy snowfall or wildfires (ashes) like CA or certain Northern states, you may want to clean them regularly in order to maximize your power output. There exist many companies that do this- here’s our certified recommendation.

Another reason we stand out from the rest is we’re local. No more having to call the expert, then the company, then the roofers, or whoever else you might be redirected to- the buck stops with us. If for any reason any of the panels appears to malfunction, we’re just a phone call away, however, we would normally call you since the meter would alert your local office for any irregularities.

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