The E-Z Guarantee

You are covered with industry-leading, solar service package.

Daily system monitoring, repairs, and comprehensive insurance*. Our solar network brings a standard, best-in-class service package. Customers in certain markets have the choice of a service package when they finance or pay for their home solar and battery storage system outright. Our vetting process includes a minimum of 10-year workmanship & 20 year manufacturer warranty.

Instant Solar System Warranty

Delete your worries with our warranty. We do things right from the get go. You will operate at peak performance, partner with the most trusted equipment manufacturers in the industry, and the crews have 20+ years of installation experience. Our complete warranty includes free equipment replacement and system repairs including all parts and labor, and the guarantee that our roof penetrations are watertight for a full decade. See your specific contract of choice for more specifics on your warranty.

Proactive Solar System Monitoring

We take your system’s performance seriously. When you go solar we can monitor your system to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the sun. Our best-in-class monitoring technology proactively informs us of possible issues, so your system is always at peak performance.

Homeowner’s Comprehensive Insurance* (Additional)

Insurance protects your panels with a comprehensive policy. The monthly lease plans come with full insurance coverage to protect your entire system against theft or damage. Most people already have homeowners, so just let your insurance company know you have solar panels. We usually see a change in premium from $0-$10.

Warranty Details

Certain system components are covered under the applicable equipment or manufacturer’s warranty as provided in the Warranty Agreement. The System is not warrantied except as outlined in the Warranty Agreement or as specifically required by applicable law.

We shall assume no expense, liability, or responsibility for repairs made by or for you without written authorization from us. You will comply with any requests to assist you in correcting defects or making any repairs that are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or by the Warranty Agreement.

Our partners provide warranties on work described by this Contract exclusively to PURCHASER (unless added) in accordance with the following conditions:

A. Our partners warrant exclusively to PURCHASER that the system installed pursuant to this Contract shall be free from defects in workmanship for a period of 10 years from date of completion of installation.

B. Manufacturers’ warranties provide additional coverage for the equipment with a minimum period of 20 years (unless otherwise requested).

C. Manufacturers’ warranties are provided to PURCHASER in “owner’s packet” at time of completion. Repair or replacement of system is the exclusive remedy of PURCHASER and is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Purchaser mails partner a written notice of a warranty claim within thirty (30) days after the
    discovery thereof.
  2. No attempted alteration or repair of the system has been made.
  3. The system or installation thereof is not subjected to misuse, negligence, accident or use contrary to the Written instructions
    of partner or the manufacturer of the equipment.
  4. Warranty is non-transferrable and only applies to original PURCHASER (unless added) at original location

Price Match Guarantee

Bring us all your quotes! We’re solar consultants that work similar to brokers which means we have connections for the best solar quotes. We’ll compare equipment & rates apples to apples & match them (with an incentive) if we can’t beat it. This means the systems must meet certain requirements.

  1. Equipment must be identical. You would never compare a Honda to a Lamborghini, so why would you do it for your home?
  2. You must find a publicly lower rate. Numbers must be competitive & realistic. We encourage you to shop around! We’ve never been beat & we won’t start now.
  3. You have a limit of 2 calls. Spots are limited for these programs, so we will not handle repeated calls. This is because it hinders our queue process for all homeowners that need immediate assistance.
  4. Send your quotes to your solar account manager at least 1 hour before the consultation. This gives them time to talk with management & work up a possible deal.