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Mark HendleyMark Hendley
14:57 01 Jul 23
Great service!
Hunter HendleyHunter Hendley
18:26 28 Jun 23
Truly HQ solar panels
Noura MattaNoura Matta
19:53 07 May 23
01:43 03 Dec 22
They did really god job for us! And are helping us to save a lot of money!
Grecia CmGrecia Cm
00:48 11 Sep 22
Easy simple solar treated me like family! They explained the whole process to me and were really friendly! I loved doing business with them!
Hot Dog JoeHot Dog Joe
02:29 10 Sep 22
Jesus was a knowledgeable GUY.I never felt pressure from him like others I met.When I'm ready for my solar, he's my DUDE !
Donna TaylorDonna Taylor
21:59 09 Sep 22
Jessica Zacaria is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!She explained everything in great detail, really knows her stuff too! The panels only took part of ONE day to install!We also financed a new A/C and she made sure those guys treated us right! The only gripe we had is when the A/C guys forgot to FLIPP THE DARN SWITCH TO GET THEA/C GOING! I KNOW Jessica went above and beyond to get them back out here!All is GREAT now!Jessica kept us up to date with when, and what to expect from CPS!Sorry, I can't give photos...I don't do rooftops!Thanks again, Jessica!
Maryangie MedinaMaryangie Medina
20:50 09 Sep 22
Super sleek work. Excellent service. Trustworthy people. Will be recommending to my friends & family.
Roby ZakRoby Zak
20:12 09 Sep 22
Working with Easy Simple Solar has been an honor. Very honest people and love their job. They made sure i was fully taken care of at all times. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking into solar.