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Expert Services

An expert can provide you with several years’ worth of knowledge from experience to avoid common issues & certain pitfalls you’ll probably run through. They make the process seem easy. Financing, a breeze. Paperwork & Permits, just a few signatures away. Full crew ready to brew as fast as the city will allow.

All Things Renewable Experts
Manufacturers & Providers
Technicians & Installers
Trusted Network

Teamwork Makes The Dream Easier To Achieve

Home Efficiency Services

Did you know LED’s use 75% less energy than regular bulbs?

It’s extremely important to know what is actually consuming your electricity. We optimize your current bill by analyzing your kWh usage before adding solar panels to your home in order to ensure a properly sized system.

Foundation (Tunneling)
Roof & Insulation
HVAC, Windows, & Appliances
Electricity Consumption (Bill)

Crunching Bill Live

Self-Install Services

This path is for those that prefer to take matters into their own hands & have spare time. It can save you a lot of money but at the expense of a lot of time. You’ll need the help of a few friends & you’re going to have to draw up your own paperwork. It’s not the easiest process, but very much doable. This can either be a very fun learning experience or a super stressful project.

Fully Guided Experience
Find Manufacturers & Providers
Paperwork Process Provided
Network Suggestions

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DIY-Preparations plans tools

The Investor Angle

There are several different strategies an investor can use to generate an influx of money with us. It all depends on the types of investments one prefers. Be the Bank by lending money to startups. Take advantage of the government programs & become a solar landlord. If a trader, one might consider subscribing to our alerts & signals for a breakout within the market.Solar is roughly 4% of the total energy market while batteries are the #1 industry as of 2020. We have generated a network of like-minded individuals within neighboring industries glowing with creative ideas in order to keep the traffic flowing…

A Variety of Investment Strategies
Signals & Breakout Alerts
Energy Investment Network
Events, Seminars, Parties, Meetups

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Leasing or Buying

Resources will be powerful here. Everyone’s thinking how fast until I get my ROI? Realtors need to have expertise in selling solar panels & how they may benefit the next owners the same way that you might sell a home with a pool in it. Niche markets sell differently, but usually with a higher profit margin. We deal with competence. This section covers all Real Estate grounds- Commercial, Land Development, Residential…

Sales, & Leasing
Tenant Representation
Valuation, & Acquisitions
Real Estate Network

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City Real Estate

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